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Workforce and Healthcare

The impact of the quality-focused initiatives is diverse based on the different fields and opinions of the professionals where the pros and cons.

Issues on International Business

Discussion on the Issues of international business.

Enterprise System

In this study, the enterprise system along with its importance in regard to organizational performance has been discussed.

Developing Professional Practice

The model is used by the companies to set out standards for the HR professionals for various roles that they play such as their activities, behavior.

Analytical Essay on Roman Polanski’s Film

This sample contains an analytical essay on Roman Polanski’s film "The Pianist".


Consumer and Nursing Interventions

This sample based on a Recovery Focused Nursing Care Plan based on the care of a consumer described in one of the scenarios.

Reflective Practice for Teacher Education

The overall learning curve has allowed me not to lose sight of my ingrained motivation for getting transformed into an ideal teacher.

Diabetes - Case Study

This sample discusses the Diabetes Case study.

Project Management of the E-commerce Website

The report has been prepared to analyze the project management of the e-commerce website and mobile application development for the Company.

Negotiation, Bargaining and Conflict Management

Bargaining and negotiations are reasonable tools for reaching an understanding to make a successful deal.

Human Resource practices being Implemented

This case study focuses on human resource practices being implemented in the Singhania and Partners.

Network Analysis assignment

Riordan Manufacturing is a global plastics manufacturer that employs 550 people and is headquartered in San Jose, California, having facilities worldwide.

Questions Based on Strategic Management

The sample is based on Strategic Management.


The sample is based on Innovation and IT in the Supply Chain.


We will try to go through the history of free internet issue and try to analyze all possible arguments and counter-arguments.

Discussion on Grand Sierra Resorts

The Grand Sierra Resort, it is the hotel and casino which is located in Reno, Nevada, Downtown east of three miles.